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Harrison County
Iowa Churches

Church Name


Phone Number

Lifeline Fellowship Assembly of God Dunlap 712-643-5475
Grace Community Fellowship Missouri Valley 712-642-2718
Baptist Church First American Baptist Missouri Valley 712-642-3566
Calvery Baptist Church /Conservative/ Missouri Valley 712-642-2243
Landmark Baptist Church Logan 712-644-3432
Mondamin Baptist Church Mondamin 712-646-2793
Holy Family Catholic Church Mondamin 712-646-2262
Sacred Heart Parish Center Woodbine 712-647-2931
St Anne's Parish Center Logan 712-644-2243
St Mary's Catholic Church Portsmouth 712-743-2813
St Mary's Catholic Church Panama (Shelby) 712-489-2030
St.Patrick's Catholic Church Missouri Valley 712-642-2611
St.Patrick's Catholic Rectory Dunlap 712-643-5808
Christian Church Logan 712-644-2642
First Christian Church Woodbine 712-647-3078
Church of Christ Missouri Valley 712-642-4179
Church of Christ Little Sioux 712-649-2280
Church of JC of Latter Day Saints Logan 712-644-2729
Congregational Church Dunlap 712-643-5910
MV Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Missouri Valley 712-642-2868
First Lutheran Church /Mo Synod/ Missouri Valley 712-642-2483
Immanuel Lutheran Church Mo Synod Logan 712-644-2384
St John Lutheran Church ELCA Dunlap 712-643-5495
St Johns Lutheran Church Persia 712-488-2245
St Paul Lutheran Church ELCA Missouri Valley 712-642-2820
Trinity Lutheran Church Persia 712-488-2023
Persia Methodist Church Persia 712-488-2400
Methodist Church Dunlap 712-643-5612
Methodist Church Pisgah 712-456-2813
Methodist Church Mondamin 712-646-2022
United Methodist Church Missouri Valley 712-642-3334
United Methodist Church Woodbine 712-647-2304
United Methodist Church Logan-Magnolia Logan 712-644-3151
Presbyterian Church of Woodbine Woodbine 712-647-3103
Presbyterian Church Mo. Valley Missouri Valley 712-642-2538
RLDS Church Missouri Valley 712-642-2486
RLDS Church Mondamin 712-646-2355
Reorg Church of JC of Latter Day Saints Logan 712-644-2216
Reorg Church of JC of Latter Day Saints Persia 712-488-6101
Reorg Church of JC of Latter Day Saints Pisgah 712-456-2767
Reorg Church of JC of Latter Day Saints Woodbine 712-647-2014

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